UNEP Executive Director Mr. Erik Solheim: Our earth will be re-empowered


“The United Nations will join hands with stakeholders to develop a set of tools to promote desertification control and reduce the impact of sandstorm on environment.” UNEP Executive Director Mr. Erik Solheim noted at the ministerial session of the International Sandstorm Prevention and Control Conference held at Teheran of Iran.

Mr. Solheim shared his views on how to coordinate different countries in desertification control. First, the UN will remain neutral as a platform for communication. Second, the UN will provide technologies and best practice to assist countries in river management, so as to strengthen the effective utilization of water resources for desertification control. Finally, Kubuqi in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region of China saw great success in desertification control. As a pioneer in this regard, President of Elion Group Mr. Wang Wenbiao led his team to make a miracle of turning desert into oasis. What measures have been taken?

First, greening the desert. Thermal resources such as strong sunshine are fully used to grow agricultural products and trees. Second, developing clean energy in desert at a large scale. Third, developing eco-tourism. Hotels and entertainment facilities are developed in the desert to allow the public more access to desert culture. With those measures put in place, the desert is transformed in an ecological protection-oriented way.

Mr. Solheim concluded by quoting President of France Emmanuel Macron: “we are confident in re-empowering the earth.”

Held by the Iranian government, the International Sandstorm Prevention and Control Conference is aimed at guiding international attention to sandstorm and calling for international cooperation to deal with multiple challenges brought by sandstorm to the natural environment and society.

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