An 80-billion-yuan fund set up in Jiangsu for ecological and environmental conservation




In accordance with the deployment of “263” special operation of Jiangsu Party Committee and provincial government and the annual investment plan reviewed and decided by the Fund Management Committee, Jiangsu Government Investment Fund, in cooperation with China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., sets up a development fund for ecological and environmental conservation, which is mainly used for the investment and financing of hazardous chemicals relocation, water environment management, ecological rehabilitation and other “263” projects, as well as relevant PPP projects in Jiangsu.


It is informed that the fund, of 80 billion Yuan in total, mainly targets riverside area but also covers Tai Lake, the coastal region and Northern Jiangsu at the same time. The fund is operated in a form of “parent fund + sub-funds”,of which the parent fund was set up by Huarong Tianze Investement Co., Ltd., an investment platform affiliated to China Huarong Asset Management Co., Ltd., and Jiangsu Government Investment Fund together. The fund will be managed by specialized fund manager in a market-oriented way.


Three sub-funds are established under the parent fund: the asset disposal fund, the infrastructure upgrade fund, and investment fund. The sub-funds are structured in the form of partnership, contract or company based on their field of business. Investment methods such as equity investment, mezzanine investment, debt investment, PPP and government procuring services are used to support growing science and technology firms that perform well in terms of saving energy, protecting environment, recycling resource, using new energy and integrating resources.


Source: China Environment News

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